Introducing Lorenzo Rossi

Lorenzo Rossi - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Hi my name is Lorenzo Rossi, I was born in August 1995, and I grew up and studied in my hometown in the northeast of Italy, Trento.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in May 2021 and started working as a freelance right after, with the objective of getting a strong base with modelling and drawing software.

Introducing Ankita Kansal

Ankita Kansal - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Ankita Kansal, I am originally from India. I came to the Netherlands in 2022.

I have done my graduation in Electrical Engineering in 2011 from India. Now I am holding experience of 7 years working with the Indian organizations as a Sr. Electrical Design Engineer.

As a Design Engineer, I was looking after the designing part of electrical panels; MCC Panel, VFD Panel, PDB, Control Panel, etc. My role was to prepare wiring diagram, general arrangement diagram, selection of the switchgear/components, prepare Bill of Material (BOM) and align project with clients.

Introducing Jonatas Reis

Jonatas Reis - ASaP - Address and contact persons

After a couple of years working in the service department, initially as a customer in a petrochemical company and later as a supplier, offering analytical solutions to companies in Brazil, I made an important decision to relocate to Holland and join the ASaP team in January 2023. I am excited about the opportunity to be of assistance and share my knowledge with all of you! I am looking forward to further developing my skills at ASaP, aiming to derive even greater satisfaction from my work.

Introducing Kamil Szczechura

Kamil Szczechura - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Kamil. I joined the ASaP in December 2022. I have 20+ years of experience in logistics and warehousing. I am responsible for the warehouse, the supply of parts that must be properly divided into individual projects.

For me, the most important thing is that each article is exactly in its place and accessible to everyone at ASaP. I hope that in the future I will be able to expand my skills in ASaP to get even more satisfaction from my work.

Introducing Martin Mendez

Martin Mendez - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Martin Mendez, I am originally from Argentina but have lived overseas for many years. After two very innovative projects and completing my degree I joined the ASaP team as a research and development analyst where I can apply my analytical skills in combination with my technical skills to solve technical challenges, further improve and develop new products.

Introducing Tim Last

Tim Last - ASaP - Address and contact persons

I’m Tim Last. I worked for 25 years at a multinational oil company (Shell) where I was involved as a researcher in improving gas separation and purification projects. In that capacity I have built up expertise with gas analyses. Now in a world of increased regulations and increased specialization I found that my original broad knowledge and skills could no longer be used to the full. It was time to say goodbye and look for opportunities at a smaller company. ASaP provides this opportunity with the advantage for me that I can use my accumulated knowledge and experience completely flexibly to guide trainees and develop new applications for existing and new analysis equipment.

Martin van Burgh: new role as CTO

Martin van Burgh - ASaP - Address and contact persons

We are pleased to announce that six years after starting at ASaP, Martin van Burgh has accepted the position of Chief Technology Officer and member of the Management Team.

Introducing Miriam Berkhout

Miriam Berkhout - ASaP - Address and contact persons

I’m Miriam Berkhout and I started at ASaP on April 20, 2020 as Management Assistant and HRM.

After I graduated at Schoevers, I started my career at the IDA Foundation. After a year I switched to become an executive secretary for 4 years at the BovenIJ hospital. After this position in the hospital, I started working at Wijnimport J. Bart as secretary for the director/owner and the purchase department. I have done this with great pleasure for over 18 years and the function was quite expanded during those years. I followed courses in the field of wine and personnel management and was ultimately also partly responsible for the personnel matters within the company.

Introducing Jessica Rossetti

Jessica Rossetti - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Jessica and I joined ASaP to help the engineering team.

Last year I moved from Brazil to Holland, looking for new challenges and to extend my work experience.

I have more than ten years of experience, working on different Electrical and Automation projects. Therefore, I had the opportunity to participate in diverse processes, from commissioning to development.

Introducing Lindert van der Hart

Lindert van der Hart - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Lindert van der Hart. I joined the team at ASaP in October 2018.

I have been working with (gas) analysis and measurement solutions throughout several kinds of industries since 2002. In 2005 I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, however since then my career developed multi-disciplinary, which is one of the advantages in the specialism we are working in.

Introducing Paulo Silva

Paulo Silva - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Hello, my name is Paulo Silva,

I had been working for ASaP for 18 months before I signed my contract with ASaP and became part of the ASaP team on the 1st of January 2018. I have 25 years of work experience as an electrician in Portugal and Netherlands and I am very skilled in this field of expertise. I completed an ATEX Course that helped me to acquire new skills and expand my work experience. I mostly work on the projects in the ASaP workshop where my goal is to deliver the end product in great quality and on time which is achieved thanks to great teamwork with my colleagues.

Introducing Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Peter Kearney and I joined ASaP in April 2017 to strengthen and coordinate the service team.

In the past 30 years I have gained extensive experience with process analyzer systems, 19 years of which were with Imtech Analyzer Systems as a service engineer and then service group leader, and the last 2 years with Gate LNG terminal as their gas quality specialist.

Introducing Bart Berkhout

Bart Berkhout - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Bart Berkhout and I joined the ASaP-team in May 2016 as Junior Engineer.

I spent the first 8 years of my career working and studying as metalworker (metal construction) for a small factory.

Therefore it was a big step from physical construction to engineering, but it does come with a different view on the work we do, like: drawing cabinets, special/custom made products, welding decisions and optimizing work flow.

Introducing Faye Clewits

Faye Clewits - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Faye Clewits,

In December 2013 I joined the ASaP team .
Prior to working at ASaP I studied ‘Child Development’ and after that I’ve been working with children.
I was looking to start my career in a different direction, with a new challenge, which I found at ASaP.

Introducing Michel Laan

Michel Laan - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Michel Laan and I started my career at ASaP in the engineering department.

Prior to working at ASaP I studied mechanical engineering at a technical school from which I graduated in 2014. In order to graduate I did an internship at Maron Metals. During the internship I came into contact with ASaP, because I made technical drawings for some of their projects. After my internship I started working for ASaP.

Introducing Marcel Schlüter

Marcel Schlüter - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Marcel Schlüter and I work with great pleasure as back office manager and management team member for ASaP.

In the past I worked for a small company as a mechanical engineer which produced natural gas reducing stations. In my next job with ABB Process Analytics in Weesp, I learned the basics of process analyzers and their systems.

Introducing Thijs Last

Thijs Last - ASaP - Address and contact persons

In the past I have worked as a racing simulator content developer at Cruden BV and as an 3D modeler for a building beamer projection called “Use your head” in Münster. In March 2014 I was promoted to be the coordinator of our service team in combination with my other responsibilities.

Introducing Fulco van Neijenhof

Fulco van Neijenhof - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Fulco van Neijenhof and I started my professional career at AsaP in the service department in October 2013.

Prior to working at ASaP I studied chemistry at the University of Amsterdam followed by a master’s study in Forensic Science, from which I graduated cum laude.

I researched illicit drug syntheses and analysis of drugs via GC-MS, LC-MS and ion chromatography.